#CampDigital: 5 minutes with...Lou Downe

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Lou Downe, author of bestselling book Good Services, and founding director of the School of Good Services will join us as a Camp Digital keynote on 8th May. We caught up with Lou about current projects, and what to expect from their talk.

Headshot of Camp Digital speaker Lou Downe

Your Camp Digital talk is titled ‘Bad Services: Why services fail and what we can do to make them work'. Why is this topic so important and what can audience members expect?

Just as there are some things all users need from all services, there are also some things that all organisations need in order to deliver those services. In our four years of running the School, Sarah Drummond and I have started to spot some big patterns in why organisations struggle to deliver services that work, so this talk is about those things and what we can do about them. 

You’re Director at The School of Good Services. What’s currently the biggest challenge you encounter in organisations as a blocker to good services?  

Not knowing what their services are! This might sound strange but it's the biggest issue we see. Most organisations will have a different understanding of what their services are from what their users see and understand the service to be.

What’s an exciting project or initiative you’re working on currently? 

We're working on a lot of exciting new courses, especially on in sustainable service design, which is extremely needed right now.

What are you most looking forward to about Camp Digital?

Connecting with people, hearing what they're struggling with right now and hopefully being able to help.

Catch Lou's opening keynote 'Bad Services: Why services fail and what we can do to make them work' at Camp Digital on 8th May, and check out our conference schedule for more about our lineup.