Ethical Commerce – taking a responsible and inclusive approach to online customer experience

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Commercial Director

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We have conducted research before into the methods online retailers use to persuade people to shop online. Some of the techniques are based on psychology models involving persuasion, emotion and trust to encourage and discourage certain behaviours. Sadly, we have seen the emergence of brands using these techniques – what we’ve sometimes referred to as dark UX (user experience) patterns – to pressure people into making decisions, for example displaying timers, using limited availability on offers, or suggesting scarcity in stock levels.

We take an inclusive approach to designing products and services, so we want to challenge these approaches and help clients build more engaging, trusted online shopping experiences for their customers. This extends from the content they use when people are browsing, to the reassurance they provide during the transaction and the transparency they offer in their product information, terms, delivery and aftersales processes.

To do this, we have partnered up with our Unified Commerce team in Sweden, who already enjoy relationships with brands including TUI, FatFace and Office Depot. This also extends the partnership we already have with two key vendors in the commerce market; Storm Commerce and inRiver.

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Storm Commerce
Storm is a market-leading, headless eCommerce platform. It is independent of any Content Management System (CMS), which means we have lots of control over what the front-end interface looks like, how it integrates with other technologies and how we can deliver an accessible, seamless user experience across devices and channels. Storm also has a strong relationship with Umbraco, which is Nexer’s preferred open source CMS, so we see huge potential for the UK market in harnessing these technologies.

inRiver redefines the way e-commerce product marketers and merchandisers display and sell their products. By providing product information management (PIM) products and services that help create, update, refresh, maintain and distribute content about products globally, inRiver helps businesses drive increased revenue, customer satisfaction and brand equity. inRiver’s recent research on turning Browsers into Buyers highlighted the need for consistent, trusted and relevant omnichannel product information to drive engagement.

Together, we will focus on delivering the front-end and back-end components of ethical customer experiences, and help our clients build great commerce solutions.

Our capability focuses on:

  • User research, design, usability and accessibility for your commerce platforms
  • Solution design, content strategy and information architecture
  • PIM consulting and integration
  • Implementation, custom development and service desk support

Do you want to build engaging, trusted online shopping experiences for your customers? Get in touch and let's talk.