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Account Director

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Do you publish content using a CMS? Can you spare an hour to help test some prototype accessibility features in authoring tools?

We4Authors Cluster

We’re part of an innovative EU research project to improve the default accessibility in web authoring tools. Representing the Umbraco platform, Nexer is working on the We4Authors Cluster project.

We4Authors is the “Pilot on web accessibility for web authoring tools producers and communities”, a European Pilot Project led by Funka. The project involves us working on behalf of the Umbraco platform to find the best way to incorporate accessibility by default into tools used to build public sector websites.

A number of market leading web authoring tool providers are on board and share a vision to help authors make their web content more accessible. The result of the project will be a set of accessibility by default features made public for any authoring tool provider to use for free.

We need your help

The We4Authors Cluster project is now at the point where we are ready to test a number of prototypes that could aid accessibility. In October, Funka is going to perform a mix of remote moderated and unmoderated usability testing sessions with web authors to review and improve the prototypes. If you use a CMS and can spare one hour to help, then you can find out more information and register interest at: It doesn’t matter what CMS yo use or what level of expertise you have, we’d love to hear from you.